Monday, December 29, 2008

A Face from the Past

The calm surface of the ocean,
and the ripples on the water
Seem to be the wrinkles of an old face
A face that has smiled many a times
Yet now it is the tears which have etched themselves into it
For maturity and wisdom have
Blown out the the flame of creativity  and bliss
The soul that knew of only happiness
Has now been tarnished by sins of the past
Thoughts have become an unintelligible tangle
For having not been said aloud
Because of the fear of not being accepted or acknowledged
Simply walking through life,
Where one doesn't reach out for one another
Isolated, slunk into a shell
Because of self-made boundaries
Pondering over what more
could have been done with a wasted life
The face gets blurred 
Obscurred by the clouds of heaven
Finally resting in peace after a journey of turmoil..


Quicksilver said...

That is very profound, but also slightly recondite.

Hope you don't mind me asking, but coming after the "life is suckish" post, does this poem in some way reflect your situation at this point ?

Kriti said...

@Quicksilver.. Absolutely not.. It just happens to be that I had written this piece in my class 10 almanac which I just discovered by chance recently and decided to put it up.. No connection with the previous post..

Abhijit said...

hmm...very nice yaar...was it by any chance written during the class 10 'phase' you told me about?

Kriti said...

@Abhijit .. Yeah .. Man, you're like a mind-reader dude.. Seriously, you should consider being a psychoanalyst!

daredevil at ur doorstep said...

i saw you deleted your Facebook deleting it's class was sort of...inspiring....thanks to all my friends...thanks to all our vm teachers....biiiiiiiiiii

Shitij Nigam said...

You deleted all your Social Networking profiles now eh? Nice work. :P

I tried getting the number of that tutor. No luck, very hard to get a hand on him.

Try asking a couple of your friends, they might know him :P