Friday, August 15, 2014

A Letter to the Dejected Spirit


You may not know me. We might never have even spoken to each other before. But I still want to reach out to you. If you think your life is full of complications without a way out, and you are devoid of the will to carry on; if you feel the only option left for you is to embrace the unknown darkness of death - PLEASE REACH OUT. To your best friend, to your mom, or to whoever you feel most connected with. And if you think that those around you won't understand or don't care enough to understand, talk to me. But please, before you take such an extreme step, just sit down and think.

You think no one cares. FALSE! There is ALWAYS at least one person who cares, whose life you have touched in more ways that you can imagine. You may not be able to see it, but you will leave behind a lot of people who will never be the same again if you decide to end your life.

You think you cannot deal with your problems. FALSE! Mind over matter, my friend. You only get what you can manage, whether you know it or not. So be the badass who can kick their problems nine ways till Sunday, because you CAN do it.

You think you have nothing left to live for. FALSE! This world is so vast and the number of different experiences one can have are so impossibly large, that even one complete lifetime is not enough for anyone to do everything, to go everywhere, to read every book, to listen to every strain of music ever created. There is ALWAYS something more you can do, something to look forward to. You just need to look in the right direction and identify it. If you keep looking at the past, you will never be able to see what might be in the future.

You think the girl/guy that left you was the love of your life and you will never be able to love again. FALSE! The very fact that they left, is proof that they were not meant to be with you for longer than they were. Give life a chance! That's the thing about time and love. There WILL be someone who, at the right time, will come along and everything will be right again. If you end your life today, you will never be able to find out.

You think its the best way to get back at your tormentors. FALSE! If this is your idea of revenge - making whoever was the cause of your sorrows feel guilty - your logic is flawed. The best revenge is to live well and to the fullest INSPITE of however they mistreated you.

You think there is no purpose to your life and you do not deserve to live. FALSE! You may not see it yet, but you've been put on this earth for a reason and it will reveal itself in due course. Just give it a chance!

So please, I implore you, I beg of you.. Reconsider. Think of your parents, brothers, sisters, friends, random acquaintances. They will go to their deathbeds wondering "Why?" and "What if?". Think of the person who would find your cold and lifeless body after you take this horrible step to fruition - that person will be scarred for life.

Reach out to someone, just shout out into the seemingly absolute darkness that seems to engulf you, and I assure you, a ray of hope will appear. Say something. Don't surrender to despair. There is a lot that life has in store for you. You need to ride out the troughs to reach the crests.

You are important. You are worth a lot. You are not a nobody. You are so loved. Even if you may not believe it, even if your faith is running out, I'll have faith for you and in you till the time you find your own. Because I've seen some really bad days too, I can say with utmost confidence that it will get better. Try to remember that?

I'm right here if you ever need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. I do not need to know your name, or your problem, unless you choose to share. But whatever it is, however bad it you think it may be, just don't give up. There is so much left to do, to see, to feel, to know. Just stay.

Stay strong. Take care.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top 5 Exhilarating Scenes in Cinematic History

This piece is dedicated to the top five (according to me, at least) most euphoria-causing, goosebump-inducing scenes in cinema. The ones that make you shout out with joy, that give you the sensation of warmth spreading through every pore of your body, the ones that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Of course, I can’t claim to have seen all films, so you may have a difference of opinion and you may want to add on another scene. All suggestions are most welcome. Let the movie buffs unite!

SPOILER ALERT: You are being informed beforehand that all the movies listed below are downright awesome. If you have been living under a rock and haven’t already seen one or more of them, you are advised to skip the portion about that particular movie and immediately watch it. I don’t want anyone accusing me of having spoiled a wonderful film for them because they knew half the story beforehand!

#5        The Dark Knight Rises
The finale of this legendary trilogy is epic through and through, so it is next to impossible to single out one scene from it. So there are two!
Bruce’s Escape From The Pit
The audience has already suffered a collective mini heart attack when Wayne fails in his first attempt to get out of the pit. So, we have our hearts in our mouths as he begins his second attempt. As the other prison inmates continue to root for him, our tension mounts. When Bruce finally reaches the ledge and closes his eyes for a second, we’re all praying with him, and he finally jumps! He seems to be flying in slow motion and as he finally crosses the last obstacle, an enormous cheer emanates from the others below as well as the ones across the screen from Wayne. And when he emerged from the pit, it felt as if I too had just regained my freedom.

The Ending
The city of Gotham has been saved from annihilation, but at a terrible cost. It has lost its greatest hero. Or has it? Just when the viewer is about get up from his seat, thinking that the fate of The Dark Knight has been sealed, the story is turned around with one last, wonderful twist. As Alfred sits sipping his coffee in a cafĂ© in France, he looks over to an adjoining table to see Bruce sitting there with Selina. They don’t talk; they only share a smile and then go their separate ways. This scene not only affirms that our beloved superhero is alive and kicking, but also leaves an opening for the story to continue. Pure bliss, this!

#4        Taare Zameen Par: The Final Scene
This overall wonderful movie culminates with the scene depicting a painting competition being held in Ishaan’s school, where the Principal announces the winner of the painting competition. Ishaan winning the competition, albeit predictable, has been portrayed wonderfully by Darsheel Safary, as he first tries to hide amid the commotion but finally heads towards the stage as Nikunj urges him to come forward. As he is handed the certificate, Ishaan starts crying, rushes to an equally emotional Nikunj and hugs him tight. This scene would definitely melt your heart.

#3      Shawshank Redemption: The Great Escape
The previously shown series of events leads Red (and us) to believe that Andy’s spirit is broken irreparably and he is about to end his life. Then comes a twist absolutely no one could have anticipated – he escapes! The story of his jailbreak is literally awe-inspiring. Makes you want to give a standing ovation to Andy for coming up with such an ingenious way of making a break for freedom, a plan which had been underway ever since the day he had set foot in Shawshank and had been so meticulously planned that it took every tiny detail into account. As he finally reaches the open and rips off his clothes, the torrential rain that lashes at him is a harsh symbolism of the freedom he has finally achieved.

#2      Lagaan: The Winning Six
Aamir Khan FTW once again!
The Indian team has almost lost the match as Kachra plays the last ball of the match.The British side begins celebrating in full swing, when suddenly a voice says, “No ball!”. As both sides incredulously look at the umpire, he repeats his words. So with renewed hope, Bhuvan takes the crease and hits the ball with all he's got. Russell catches it and begins to celebrate, only to realize he is doing so alone. Confused, he looks around and sees that he has crossed the boundary and Bhuvan had scored the boundary required for his team to win. The viewer can almost feel Bhuvan's relief as he falls to the ground and the villagers dance around him with joy.

#1       Pursuit of Happyness: Chris Gets the Job
On the last day of his training in Dean Witter, when the bosses tell Chris that the job that he had been fighting for tooth-and nail, was finally his, he struggles to hold back tears. As he steps outside, he finally breaks down with "happyness". He rushes to his son's daycare and hugs him, knowing that after all the hardships they had gone through, things will be alright. Will Smith does an amazing job of portraying this bittersweet moment. No one else could've done it better than him. Our hearts go out to him as his life finally takes a good turn. This scene's emotional impact went beyond most of the movies I've seen.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Scared and Praying

What is the point of making plans for the future? Falling in love? Making decisions?  Hoping? Or doing anything at all for that matter? I am a woman. And I have no control over my destiny. I am at the mercy of the sexually-frustrated males who think with their dicks, whose lust over-powers their conscience, their morals. These people prowl the streets of 'Shining India' with not a trace of fear or shame. Instead, it is ME, who has to think twice before leaving the four walls of my house. Every time I walk down a desolate stretch of road, my paranoia runs high - I just keep looking over my shoulder, eyeing every dark figure with suspicion and fear. I wonder what piece of clothing in my wardrobe would incite a man on the road to turn into a mindless animal. Is this all that I am? An object to be possessed, desired, owned; never to be treated, leave alone being respected as a human being. This crippling helplessness, this inability to have a say in my own life is mind-numbing.

I want to ask a few questions:

If the whole country is on the streets, protesting the atrocity that just happened in Delhi, the capital of one of the largest democracies and upcoming super-powers of the world, then WHY are rape cases being reported and splashed across newspapers every day? And not just one, but many cases every damn day. WHO are those people who are still continuing to violate women, irrespective of their age, appearance, dressing-sense? Are there really some two-faced monsters amid us who shout slogans during the day and strip females of their dignity during the night?

Also, people are throwing around the phrase "a brutal rape" regarding this incident. Isn't every rape a brutal and heinous act? Or are some cases sweet and gentle?!

Not to mention, the public is coming up with more and more inhuman ways to deal with the rapists. No doubt, they deserve strict punishment and should not be let off easy, but whatever they are made to undergo, it will not be comparable with the trauma they inflicted on the victim. And since when did the law become equivalent to "An eye for an eye"?

There is a surprisingly large number of people who apparently feel that all evil resides in Delhi alone. I am not trying to be a loyal Delhi-ite here; as a citizen of the city where this barbaric act occurred, I am ashamed, nothing else. My point is, do people really believe that crimes against women are isolated to one city or region? If so, they are sorely mistaken. You can quote all the statistics you want but that is all relative! If there are lesser crimes happening elsewhere, it doesn't mean that place is safe. We need to tackle this problem as a nation and stop playing the blame game.

We are all clamouring for justice, booing every politician whose name we know and cursing the police, but for what? No matter how stringent security is, the police can't be everywhere all the time! Change needs to start at home. I'm sure no one tells their sons to rape, but do all parents instill in their children the need to treat men and women as equals and to treat women with respect?
The disparity between the treatment of the girls and boys begins as soon as we are born and ends only when we reach our graves. This attitude has to change. The social mindset is the only thing that can bring an end to this era of horror. And this is not a quick solution. It will take years to straighten out this kink in our societal fabric.

I haven't been able to think of much else, since I heard the news about the girl's death. I realize that this is just another article in the long list of posts floating all over cyber-space, but I just had to say something. She is a living example of how life can be much worse than death, and yet, her desire to live was unbreakable. I pray for her soul, I salute her, and I hope in vain that no one else has to undergo the torture that she went through.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meandering Thoughts

How do you differentiate between a football club supporter and a loyal fan? When his team is given an unfair decision, the supporter will groan out of disappointment but the fan will curse fluently and punch the walls. And when his team scores, the supporter will hi-5 the ones around him whereas the fan will jump up and down on his couch out of elation, take off his beloved team’s jersey that he had been flaunting and whirl it around like a cowboy.
How do you identify a music freak? You will find his earphones always plugged in. If you look in his wardrobe, you will find at least three t-shirts featuring his favourite bands. The walls of his room will be adorned by posters of the artistes he admires the most. His mobile and laptop wallpaper will be graced by - no prizes for guessing - musicians.
Do you admire any person so much that you want him to be the last person you look at before you sleep and the first one you see when you open your eyes again?
Everyone can completely identify with this level of worship for someone or something.. the ‘what’ can vary but the ‘how’ does not. It could be a car, a celebrity, a TV show, a hobby, a few sentences that resonate with your philosophy in life or just a funny quip, it could be a photo that makes you say “WOW!” every time you see it. There are some things you love and admire so much in life that you could shout it out from the rooftops just so the whole world could know. But since doing that would also earn us a rather.. shall we say, infamous reputation, we settle for more subtle ways of expressing our devotion like plastering the walls of our rooms with an array of posters of rock gods, searching for bags that boldly declare epic lines from epic novels and then decorating them with funky badges, buying jerseys of to proudly declare your loyalty to a specific team.. the list goes on and on. Sometimes we come up with awesome creative ideas ourselves but can’t find a way to bring them to life. And we continue to try to find a way, till we do.
We are the fans. We are the freaks. We are the fanatics. We may not worship God, but we do worship the extra-ordinary.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Sunlit Path

The sunlit path
Strewn with snow from the winter past
Now giving way to the bloom of the spring
As Nature sheds its inhibitions
And bring out its most beautiful face
It sings a song to me
Of hope and perseverance
Of things that have come and things that are yet to be
It's splendor lulls me into a trance
As the gentle breeze makes shadows dance
There's a new energy in the wind
A message of renewal it brings
While the Sun steps out
From behind a veil of wispy clouds
Cheering up the grey skies
They won't be back till the year flies by....

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Face from the Past

The calm surface of the ocean,
and the ripples on the water
Seem to be the wrinkles of an old face
A face that has smiled many a times
Yet now it is the tears which have etched themselves into it
For maturity and wisdom have
Blown out the the flame of creativity  and bliss
The soul that knew of only happiness
Has now been tarnished by sins of the past
Thoughts have become an unintelligible tangle
For having not been said aloud
Because of the fear of not being accepted or acknowledged
Simply walking through life,
Where one doesn't reach out for one another
Isolated, slunk into a shell
Because of self-made boundaries
Pondering over what more
could have been done with a wasted life
The face gets blurred 
Obscurred by the clouds of heaven
Finally resting in peace after a journey of turmoil..