Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meandering Thoughts

How do you differentiate between a football club supporter and a loyal fan? When his team is given an unfair decision, the supporter will groan out of disappointment but the fan will curse fluently and punch the walls. And when his team scores, the supporter will hi-5 the ones around him whereas the fan will jump up and down on his couch out of elation, take off his beloved team’s jersey that he had been flaunting and whirl it around like a cowboy.
How do you identify a music freak? You will find his earphones always plugged in. If you look in his wardrobe, you will find at least three t-shirts featuring his favourite bands. The walls of his room will be adorned by posters of the artistes he admires the most. His mobile and laptop wallpaper will be graced by - no prizes for guessing - musicians.
Do you admire any person so much that you want him to be the last person you look at before you sleep and the first one you see when you open your eyes again?
Everyone can completely identify with this level of worship for someone or something.. the ‘what’ can vary but the ‘how’ does not. It could be a car, a celebrity, a TV show, a hobby, a few sentences that resonate with your philosophy in life or just a funny quip, it could be a photo that makes you say “WOW!” every time you see it. There are some things you love and admire so much in life that you could shout it out from the rooftops just so the whole world could know. But since doing that would also earn us a rather.. shall we say, infamous reputation, we settle for more subtle ways of expressing our devotion like plastering the walls of our rooms with an array of posters of rock gods, searching for bags that boldly declare epic lines from epic novels and then decorating them with funky badges, buying jerseys of to proudly declare your loyalty to a specific team.. the list goes on and on. Sometimes we come up with awesome creative ideas ourselves but can’t find a way to bring them to life. And we continue to try to find a way, till we do.
We are the fans. We are the freaks. We are the fanatics. We may not worship God, but we do worship the extra-ordinary.


Anonymous said...

Woah, that was awesome. You are awesome.

I can completely relate with.

You know, people also call you phony for doing that sort of things like plastering walls with posters, wearing loud bags etc, but you know what is phony ? Somebody not expressing himself is phony.

I like the Positivism in here. I'll be around.

And yeah, not revealing my identity.

Kriti said...

Thank you!

A lot of people can relate with this because everyone has some passion. And its for you to decide how to express your love for something.